Some WWE Talent Unhappy About New Training Drills

The drills are said to be mandatory for the majority of WWE performers before touring resumes

Earlier this week it was reported that WWE wants Raw and SmackDown in-ring talent to attend ‘training drills’ in WWE's Performance Centre ahead of a return to live touring in July. Now it has emerged that some talent is unhappy about this edict.

The report comes from The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, who stated:

“From responses we got from different stars, for those who live in the Orlando area, it wasn’t a big deal since they are in the area. Those who live outside of Orlando were not happy because it interrupts their home life and routine, especially those with families, and many can train on their own and do for conditioning while at home. The key was that going on the road and getting paid for it and doing shows is one thing, but going on the road for several days to do drills as an independent contractor and not getting paid extra is very different. Also, not everyone is having to attend and the top tier stars it’s more optional, especially if they aren’t in the area.” 

The drills are intended to resharpen many wrestlers who currently only wrestle once a week if that, and may have developed some semblance of ringrust since the pandemic began in 2020. With no house shows for the past year the idea certainly makes sense, but you can also understand the frustration of the talents involved.

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