Sonya Deville Reportedly Also 'Mad Enough To Want To Fight' Charlotte Flair Following WWE SmackDown

Deville was also frustrated with Flair

Becky Lynch wasn't the only individual upset by Charlotte Flair's actions on the October 22 episode of WWE SmackDown, with a new report suggesting Sonya Deville was also so mad at the incident that she also wanted to fight The Queen.

As previously noted, a heated back-and-forth between Flair and Lynch took place backstage following last week's SmackDown after Flair pulled the Raw Women's Title away from Lynch during their 'Championship Exchange Ceremony' before dropping it. The incident was not part of the scripted plan and the belief is it was done for Charlotte to get one up on The Man.

The moment, which was broadcast live on television, led to the exchange between Flair and Lynch in the Gorilla Position, right in front of Vince McMahon and Bruce Pritchard. According to a new report from PWInsider, Lynch wasn't the only person hot at Flair.

Sonya Deville, in her role as a WWE Official, had been tasked with overseeing the Title exchange. The report claims that Deville was 'mad enough to want to fight Flair, with the two also engaging in an argument backstage.

Deville had to tell Flair to pick up the Raw Women's Championship before taking it away from her during the Title exchange on SmackDown.

The report goes on to say that there are those within Flair's private circle that are privately pushing for her to try and get out of her contract with WWE, but accept that this is not realistically likely of happening.

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