The Inner Circle Talk About Ideas That Were Rejected For The AEW Stadium Stampede Match

Someone had to stop Sammy from doing insane spots...

Back at AEW Double Or Nothing, The Inner Circle went head to head with The Elite in the first-ever Stadium Stampede match. The bout was tipped as one of the best matches of 2020 so far and included numerous memorable spots including Chris Jericho hitting Jaxson De Ville with the Judas Effect, Matt Jackson doing Northern Lights Suplexes the full length of TIAA Bank Field, and Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega again chasing Sammy Guevara in a golf cart.

The Inner Circle recently taped an episode of Talk Is Jericho and revealed the match could have been even wilder than it actually was as The Spanish God suggested two spots where he would have leapt off the top of the stadium and fallen 30 feet from a staircase. 

Sammy said: "My first initial thought was, 'It's a stadium. When will I ever get an opportunity to jump off a stadium? So, I remember I texted Tony [Khan]. I was like, 'Hey, I will legit jump off this stadium.' And I don't know if he thought I was kidding or what because he didn't reply, and then I remember a couple of days later I text him again and I'm like, 'Hey, I'll jump off the stadium. I'm serious.' And then he hearted the message."

Jericho later added: "So, when we got there on Thursday, Sammy comes up to me and he goes you see that, there's a big staircase that goes from the concourse up to the top of Daily's Place. He's like, 'Yeah like, how about I fall off that staircase?' I'm like, 'And what do you land on?' He goes, 'Well, you know, we'll put a pad there but then we'll take the pad away and it'll just be on the floor, on the concrete.' I'm like. 'What do you think this is, WWE? Where they throw you off a rooftop and you get up the next day. No, you're not getting thrown off a staircase, falling 30 feet then landing on the cement and then just getting up later. So, no we're not doing anything in the concourse later now that we're in this world.'"

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