The Undertaker Discusses Wanting To Be A Top Guy During WWE Attitude Era

He wanted to be on the level of The Rock and Steve Austin.

WWE's ratings hit a peak during the late 90s, a time which became known as the Attitude Era. 

As one of WWE's stars, The Undertaker played a major part in that success. Despite being a featured player (and winning the WWE Title) during this time, however, The Deadman was never quite satisfied and looked at what his colleagues were doing to motivate him. 

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet for Insight, the 59-year-old recently explained what drove him during this era. 

"I was never content, I was happy, obviously I was very proud of what I was able to accomplish in the business but I was never content...like even back in the middle of the Attitude Era when Rock and Austin were the top two guys, like that was a driving force for me to be better. Like, man, whether it was attainable or not, that was a goal...I was happy for all those guys 'cause we were we were killing it and business was awesome, but for me personally, like, I wanted to be that guy," he said.

One of the WWE Hall of Famer's major matches during the Attitude Era was ruined for him due to his ill-advised choice of ring attire. 

Though he is retired from in-ring competition, The Undertaker remains open to the possibility of making future cameo appearances. 

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