The Young Bucks & Tony Khan Firmly Wanted Sting To Win At AEW Revolution

Sting’s win at AEW Revolution ‘firmly wanted’ by The Young Bucks and Tony Khan

Sting’s storied career finally came to an end on March 3, with ‘The Icon’ retiring with a victory alongside Darby Allin over The Young Bucks in the main event of AEW Revolution.

Many were surprised at Sting getting the win, with tradition dictating that wrestlers ‘go out on their backs’ with a loss, doubly so as Sting and Darby Allin retained their AEW World Tag Team Championships before subsequently vacating them.

Per a report from Sports Illustrated, Sting wanted to go out with a loss, but AEW President Tony Khan and The Young Bucks themselves were insistent that the WCW legend go out with a win, a decision that has elicited widespread praise.

Sting ultimately conceded and sided with The Bucks and Khan, with SI suggesting the happy ending was what AEW needed after a ‘tumultuous 18-month stretch’ with the long lingering effects of Brawl Out in September 2022 and subsequent professional and business lows for AEW overshadowing a lot of positive growth.

The Stinger revealed that Tony Khan had suggested he retire at the upcoming All In Wembley II in August 2024, but felt Revolution was the right time for him. 

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