Dijak Responds To Criticism Of Moonsault Cage Spot From WWE NXT

Dijak addresses criticism from WWE NXT Roadblock

High-risk spots have fuelled plenty of discourse on social media in recent days.

There was much criticism of Darby Allin's insane spot at Sunday's Revolution pay-per-view when he jumped from the top of a ladder through a pane of glass on the outside during Sting's retirement match. Allin's back was pouring blood following the spot but he somehow only needed 12 stitches following the show.

The spot received criticism on social media from some fans and there was then criticism levelled at Dijak for his Moonsault from the top of the cage during the Asylum Match against Joe Gacy at NXT Roadblock. 

Dijak has since responded to the criticism, tweeting"People who tell me I shouldn't do a moonsault off the top of a cage have never been T-Bar barely treading water on Main Event & tearfully staring at my phone waiting to be fired. I don't take a second of this for granted and I'm eternally grateful to @ShawnMichaels & @TripleH."

Dijak was a part of the short-lived RETRIBUTION stable on the WWE main roster as T-Bar. He then formed a tag team with Mace after the faction split and he remained on the undercard of WWE shows until 2022. He moved back to NXT as Dijak in November 2022. 

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