Thunder Rosa: My Feud With Britt Baker Will Never End

The AEW Women's Champion doesn't think her feud with Britt Baker will end.

AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa spoke recently on the Under the Ring podcast.

She spoke about a number of topics, including her feud with former champion Britt Baker - a rivalry she doesn't believe will ever be over:

"Now that I took the title from her, it's not something that is going to end. It's like The Rock and Stone Cold or Trish and Lita. Something of that sort. Something that is never going to end."

Baker initially retained the title against Rosa at AEW Revolution 2022, but lost the belt in a Steel Cage Match at St. Patrick's Day Slam on March 16.

Rosa also emphasised the physicality of their feud, saying "Our matches were definitely more physical in terms of female wrestling. We pushed a lot of boundaries that I don't think people were used to seeing [from] women in the mainstream media [...] especially on the last one. I probably watched it 10 times and I cannot tell you the amount of pain that everyone that was part of that match went through."

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