Thunder Rosa Reveals How Long She Plans To Continue Wrestling

How long will Thunder Rosa be in the ring for?

Thunder Rosa’s journey to the top was long and storied, signing with AEW in 2021 before lifting the AEW Women’s World Championship in March 2022 after years plugging away in the indies.

However, any wrestler’s career is on borrowed time, and during an interview with Forbes, Rosa revealed how long she plans to continue wrestling:

“I’m going to wrestle as long as possible, but I don’t think I want to be wrestling after I’m 45,” said Rosa. “I know some of my peers at that age and they’re still wrestling. I personally don’t want to because it’s very taxing on your body. I can wrestle to the caliber, to the level that I’ve been wrestling at, for another three to four years… but I also have to scale back and take care of my body.”

The 35 year-old former NWA Women’s World’s Champion continued, noting how the AEW schedule is beneficial to her health:

“My body feels 100 percent right now. I cannot tell you, for so long, I was in so much pain because I was wrestling so much. This schedule that we have, if you have a family, it’s really good because you get to spend more time with your family, unless you’re like me and you’re a workaholic and you’re always working,” Rosa concluded.

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