Tommy Dreamer Says "You Can't Hate WWE" Or Vince McMahon For Recent Releases

He said it was just business...

WWE released 23 Superstars on Wednesday including Rusev, No Way Jose, Heath Slater, Sarah Logan, and EC3 as the company announced they would be making cutbacks because of the coronavirus pandemic. Nine producers were also furloughed while company veteran Mike Chioda was let go. 

The wrestling world has been reacting to the releases in the past couple of days. Seth Rollins has been heavily criticised online for saying he found the hostility towards WWE upsetting, while others have called for wrestlers to look into unionisation

ECW legend Tommy Dreamer also commented on Wednesday's events on the House Of Hardcore Twitch channel. Dreamer said he had reached out to several people who had been released, but that "you can't hate WWE" or Vince McMahon because, ultimately, WWE is a business.

The former ECW Heavyweight Champion said: "The cool thing is you see everybody jumping and banding together. I have reached out to several people who have been let go today and their lives will be fine… I feel, personally, that wrestling shows won't happen until October/November so we can all get back on our feet.

"You can't hate WWE, you can't hate Vince McMahon. That is business and it's big business. I saw it in my little little ass company and I see it from WWE all the way down, and I use this example for everyone as I go 'They should stop doing live television,' 'They should stop doing this,' 'They should stop doing that.' Think of the financial hit WWE took with the loss of WrestleMania from merchandise, live gate, all that stuff… This is all coming down to money and this is why stuff like this happens and it sucks but it is a business, and nobody has a job or is guaranteed a job forever. I guess The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels and Triple H are the only two." 

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