Tony Khan Explains Why He & Eric Bischoff Don't Get Along

What's the beef?

AEW owner Tony Khan and former WCW President Eric Bischoff do not get along. 

Despite the WWE Hall of Famer making a couple of appearances on AEW television in the past, the two men routinely trade barbs on social media and Bischoff often criticises Khan, AEW, and Ring of Honor via his 83 Weeks podcast. 

Asked exactly why they have beef during a recent interview with K&C Masterpiece, Khan said: 

"It's an interesting question. I think, first of all, there hasn't been that many wrestling companies that have risen to international prominence. There aren't that many wrestling companies in modern history that have sold tens of thousands of tickets to their event and sold hundreds of thousands of pay-per-views. In that sense, Eric and I do have something in common.

"I do respect his accomplishments. He's just got a show, a podcast that's kind of largely devoted to taking shots at us, and a lot of it isnt really rational, logical, fruitful. I don't think those things seem to matter to him anymore. But I do respect what he accomplished with WCW. It was a great company. In that sense, I do respect him". 

Khan also pointed out that they have another thing in common, since both have/had a show on TBS/TNT. 

Earlier this year, FTR suggested that Bischoff was mad because Khan didn't hire him. 

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