Triple H Comments On Former WWE NXT Talents Signing With AEW

Triple H on NXT talents winding up in AEW

From Adam Cole to Keith Lee to reDRagon to Andrade El Idolo to Toni Storm, several former WWE NXT talents have signed with All Elite Wrestling following their exits from Vince McMahon's organisation. 

Speaking about the volume of former NXT wrestlers in AEW with The Athletic, Triple H admitted he was happy for the talents and revealed he keeps in touch with "almost all of them." 

"I like all those guys. They helped us get where we needed to get, and I'm thankful for it. The truth is there was a period of time where we were trying to build NXT. We built NXT. Then we were trying to build a brand that could get a television show and sustain it. All those names helped us get there. Whether anybody believed or not they fit on Raw or SmackDown, those aren't necessarily my decisions solely, and they're Vince's (McMahon) decisions and fans' decisions; and then, can we continue to do business with them?" Triple H said

"If they have great gigs, I'm happy for them. I stay in touch with almost all of them. I like to think they came into us here, we taught them a lot, got them to (a higher level) where they learned how to do television, how to be professionals and all that to be successful there. At some point, they might come back with us, or they might never because they don't fit our brand as well, but that's okay. They got us to certain places, and I'm thankful for that, and they're thankful for that, and they're off to different things. But that doesn't stop the train. People leave football teams, move to different teams all the time, and it's great."

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