Two Barbers Hid Under The Ring During Daniel Bryan Hair Loss Segment On WWE SmackDown

Short back and sides please...

On the November 29 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Daniel Bryan was attacked by "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt who locked in the Mandible Claw on his rival. Bryan was then dragged under the ring and The Fiend continued to choke him while collecting large clumps of The Leader Of The Yes! Movement's hair.

Bryan then missed the next two episodes of SmackDown and returned at the TLC pay-per-view with a shaved head and beard, reviving his American Dragon character.

While many fans believed the hair used in the segment was fake, Bryan revealed during an interview with Nick Talbot at San Antonio Express-News that it was his own hair and WWE hid two barbers under the ring to cut it. He explained they were only meant to shave off a little bit but because they were in a small, cramped space in near-total darkness, one of the barbers accidentally cut off too much hair. This led to the former WWE champion undergoing a 45-minute haircut after the show in which they tried to salvage his long locks, but the only option was to shave his head and beard. Meaning a complete accident led to Daniel Bryan's return as The American Dragon.

Bryan said: "You'd have to understand the mechanisms that are going on while this is happening. We're in a live TV show, right? So, they pulled me under the ring, they've got two barbers there who are in charge of like, getting my beard off and getting hair off so there can be this appearance of him ripping out my hair and all that kind of stuff. And we have a minute and a half of TV time left on the live show. And there's also a producer down there, who's saying, 'We need more hair, we need more hair, we need more hair!' And it's completely dark under there. We were all so crammed in this little area because there's also like real stuff under the ring that needs to be under the ring.

"It’s just all in this crammed little area and these guys are cutting my hair and cutting my beard really quick and they're supposed to just to cut X amount of hair off, which wasn't as much as they ended up doing. But the one guy on one side did a great job. They actually both did a great job considering the circumstances. But one guy just went a little too tight and a little too high. And then, after the show, they did their best… They tried after the show for like 45 minutes to make it like not just a shaved head but that was the best we could do under the circumstances."

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