Update On Mercedes Moné Believing She Will "One Day" Return To WWE

More on Mercedes Moné believing she will ‘one day’ be back in WWE

Mercedes Moné is the third huge name to officially join All Elite Wrestling in 2024, with the ‘CEO’ following in the footsteps of Will Ospreay and Kazuchika Okada with her unveiling at Dynamite Big Business on March 13.

Prior to her arrival in AEW, Moné allegedly was on the end of some heat from the AEW locker room after comments during a podcast in which Moné said she believed she’d one day be back in WWE. A report from PWInsider has shed a little more on Moné’s comments, with a source close to the multi-time world champion noting how the comments weren’t meant to be seen as ‘undercutting’ AEW but more an acknowledgement of how her career started.

Moné said she has ‘unfinished business’ in WWE, but the source relaid the fact that said unfinished business could be ‘as simple as one more match with Bayley’, and that perhaps Moné could close out her career there with such a match, nothing more.

The former Sasha Banks is believed to have signed a very lucrative deal with AEW, with reports suggesting she is possibly the highest-paid women’s wrestler on the planet.

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