Vickie Guerrero Pitches AEW General Manager Storyline

Featuring a Tony Khan seduction angle

Vickie Guerrero spent much of her WWE run as the general manager on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown and became famous for screaming "Excuse me!" at audiences across the world. 

Guerrero is now a part of All Elite Wrestling and she revealed on the latest episode of AEW Unrestricted that she recently pitched a new general manager storyline involving herself and Tony Khan. 

"I've submitted a storyline to the agents about being a general manager," Guerrero said. "I know there's no general manager on AEW but listen to me for my quick idea, Tony [Schiavone] tell me what you think. So, you know Basic Instinct with Sharon Stone where she's at the desk and she has the long legs? And she crosses them and she wears a short skirt. I can picture me trying to manipulate Tony Khan by romancing him and being seductive with him and like giving him my woman-power to say, 'Just let me be general manager just for like a month. Just let me try it.' 

"Of course, as a heel, I'm never gonna be a general manager but I think the segments would be so incredibly uncomfortable for Tony that it would get great ratings."

AEW has thus far avoided having an on-screen authority figure and Tony Khan has repeatedly said he isn't interested in becoming a character on Dynamite. If that will change in the near future ultimately remains to be seen. 

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