Vince McMahon's Trainer Addresses Him Being Unable To Attend WWE WrestleMania 40, Post Liked By Omos & R-Truth

Vince McMahon's personal trainer has spoken about his client's WWE WrestleMania absence

The fortieth WrestleMania was the first without the involvement of Vince McMahon, who resigned from WWE in disgrace in January after being sued by former WWE employee Janel Grant. 

While McMahon himself has not commented on not being a part of WrestleMania, his personal trained has chimed in on the 78-year-old being 'unable' to attend The Showcase of the Immortals. 

Posting on Instagram, Michael Monteforte said: 

"Vince McMahon was unable to attend his first WrestleMania. How quickly people forget, that without his vision, there would be no Wrestling or WrestleMania. Sadly, when a person is down, the people who they say love you, turn their backs on you". 

In the comments section of the post he added "Don't judge a Man, without getting all the facts. Things aren't always as they appear".

The post was 'liked' by current WWE stars R-Truth and Omos, with Truth responding with a simple '1000'. 

In the comments section, Monteforte continued to defend McMahon, writing: 

"You are probably a good dude, but in this particular case, 'sex trafficking' was used as a catch phrase… sad that something that serious would be used, for her own gains… if these allegations were true, why isn't she pressing charges? She knows that her texts & everything she is about would be revealed, so she is going for the $$$ , everything she has intended to do, since setting her sights on Mr. McMahon…"

"I will never feel bad, because I know the truth in real time, You may feel like you are defending an innocent victim, but you should look into her past, all her life she has been a predator for men with $$, & if she was to reveal her reply to those texts, as she conveniently left out, you would see that she is far from innocent and any victim… actually the aggressor… it's easy to believe, something that you hope would be true… just like the love letter, there is more coming out".

"she claims many things, but she never reveals her reply to texts , because people would no longer view her as a victim, look into her past, this is how she lives, being a predator on men with $$"

Janel Grant's attorney, Ann Callis, recently said that the release of the the "love letter" email Grant sent to McMahon was a tactic to intimidate and victim-shame her. 

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