Vince Russo: Why WWE Do Not Want Another John Cena

Is Cena WWE's last-big megastar?

Vince Russo says WWE have no interest in creating another John Cena-level superstar because they don't want to risk the talent becoming bigger than the company.

The former WWE Head Writer believes the promotion has no desire to build a new megastar, akin to the likes of Cena, The Rock or Steve Austin, because it comes with the risk of Vince McMahon losing control of that personality.

Speaking to the It’s My House Podcast, Russo said: "A couple of years ago Ryback – and this comes from Ryback and I think Ryback is as straight a shooter as you can get – Triple H told Ryback there isn’t going to be another John Cena.

"In other words, what he’s saying is no talent is going to be bigger than the WWE ever again because what happens is when you have a talent that becomes bigger than the WWE – going back to control, he (Vince McMahon) loses that control. He lost control with Cena, Austin, Rock, Hogan, he loses that control.

"So now, Triple H is flat out saying, there’s never ever going to be another superstar bigger than the company again. So what do they do bro? They have a factory, where they’re making wrestlers. And these guys they go in from the independent circuit and they’re going through this factory. And what they’re becoming are replaceable talents.

"So okay this guy does something we don’t like, does something on social media, doesn’t get a gimmick over, you’ve got 1000 reasons to get him out and bring the next guy in. They’re purposely not doing it. That’s why you’re seeing the 50/50 booking, win one week lose one week win one week, they’re purposely holding guys back so nobody’s value becomes bigger than the companies.”

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