Virginia-Based Wrestler Adds More Details On Teddy Hart's Recent Issues

Hart has recently incurred several arrests...

Third-generation wrestler Teddy Hart was recently arrested in Richmond, VA, and arraigned on charges of strangulation resulting in wounding or bodily harm. The alleged victim was Ring of Honor performer Maria Manic. It marks the 40-year-old's third confirmed arrest since the middle of February.

Events preceding his most recent arrest were provided by Richmond-area wrestler Ace Montana, while another local wrestler has come forward with more details on Hart's recent activity.

Virginia-based talent John “Pork Chop” Johnson wrote a lengthy account, in which he says he took Hart in as a roommate earlier in this recent saga as a favor to Manic, and reveals troubling details about his interactions with Hart during this time.

Johnson details Hart behaving irresponsibly to the point of leaving his home in a trashed, disheveled state, ultimately leading to Johnson (who was away for the weekend in this instance) threatening to call Hart's parole officer if Hart didn't thoroughly clean up by the time he returned.

Johnson later alleges that he and Manic convinced Hart to finally move out, and she helped him move into a motel. The story goes on to say that Manic called Johnson after she apparently caught Hart trying to steal from her, leading to him abruptly snatching her phone during the call.

He then called the police on Hart to report a robbery, and notes that while Hart was allegedly apprehended shortly thereafter, he wasn't jailed for incident. He was, however, jailed shortly thereafter on March 4 for a house arrest violation.

Said Johnson, in part, "I felt it was important to share the story of my experience with Teddy Hart so that everyone can see that what transpired from Teddy on March 26 wasn’t just a one time only spur of the moment type of deal but rather behavior that had been brewing for a long time and is a manifestation of his untreated mental disorder."

Read Johnson's full account of events here.

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