Teddy Hart Arrested & Charged With Possession Of Controlled Substances

Teddy Hart is in trouble with the law again

Teddy Hart has been arrested again.

TMZ reported that Hart (Edward Annis) was arrested last week in Florida. According to the report, the Titusville Police Department found drugs including ecstasy (MDMA) and anabolic steroids during a routine traffic stop. 

The 43-year-old was pulled over around midnight on Friday after he ran a red light while speeding. Once pulled over, police smelled the unmistakable odour of burnt marijuana emanating from his car.

They subsequently discovered red pills and baggie of red powder, which tested positive for MDMA. They also found vials labelled 'Masteron' and 'Testosterone Cypionate', two types of anabolic steroid. 

Hart was arrested and charged with possession of MDMA, as well as possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. Hart was released from custody on July 15. 

The former MLW, Ring of Honor, and TNA star has a long history of getting in trouble with the law. He was arrested in February 2021 and charged with possession of controlled substances, coming after three arrests within the space of two months in early 2020. 

Hart had wrestled at an independent show in Azalea Park, Florida on Friday night, prior to his arrest. 

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