Wade Barrett & Drew McIntyre Tease Future WWE Match

Barrett has a Bull Hammer with McIntyre's name on...

During a recent interview with Digital Spy, Wade Barrett admitted he would be open to returning to the ring in WWE if a match with Drew McIntyre was on the table. 

A match with The Scottish Psychopath may well be on the cards for the NXT commentator, as both men were seemingly building to an eventual confrontation yesterday

Barrett was recently interviewed by BT Sport and the five-time Intercontinental Champion claimed he can "batter" and "humiliate" McIntyre any time he wants to. 

"I think it's a very easy story to tell based on our history," Barrett said. "I know him as well as anybody. I've probably beaten him up away from the wrestling scene or away from the cameras. When we used to live together, I basically used to bully him every night. I used to kick the hell out of him, pour cans of beans over his head, stuff like that. He'd be in the corner crying, sobbing away, begging for mercy. 

"So, he knows that as a man I can destroy him at any time I wanted… The truth is I can batter him and humiliate him. So, whenever I feel like I'm ready. It isn't a question of Drew McIntyre calling me out, whenever I'm ready I can just step in the ring and take whatever I want from him. He knows that, he's aware of it. And one day perhaps the world might see it."

The WWE Champion was up for the challenge, as he fired back: "Stay behind your desk grandpa, your stand-in has a better chance than you do."

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