Wardlow Promises To Get Back To AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 Popularity

Wardlow wants to get back to his best in AEW

Wardlow has had an up and down time throughout his AEW career. Emerging on the scene in AEW as MJF’s bodyguard, Wardlow’s status gradually grew until a natural babyface turn occurred in 2022. His subsequent feud with MJF put him in a position where he was one of the most over wrestlers in the entire promotion, though things went swiftly downhill following this. Wardlow’s reigns as TNT Champion were underwhelming, and he has since lost some big matches too. 

Wardlow hasn’t given up hope of being a main event star in AEW though, responding to a fan’s post on X which had a video of Wardlow chants back at Double Or Nothing 2022. 

“I hear you every day. It’s what’s kept me going the past year. Sad how tainted this night was for me. But we will get back to this one day. On my life. For anyone that’s chanted my name, even when you didn’t have much of a reason to, it’s meant the world to me. Thank you.”

His match on that night with MJF was overshadowed by controversy surrounding MJF’s status with AEW and a rumoured walkout.

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Written by Andrew Kelly