Will Ospreay Advocates For AEW To Expand By Running More International Shows

Will Ospreay thinks more AEW international shows will help expand the product

For all the noise about TV deals, viewership, and revenue, All Elite Wrestling is still in many ways a start-up company, with Tony Khan’s pro wrestling promotion still seeking expansion into new markets across North America and beyond.

AEW’s first UK show All In 2023 was a massive success for the company, and for Will Ospreay the company should be looking at running more international shows as part of their next growing phase, with Ospreay saying the following to Swerve Strickland and Monteasy on the Swerve City Podcast:

“For me, I'm a guy that enjoys seeing the world. I love doing that. Coming over here, obviously, I bring a little bit of flavour from around the world. I don't want to forget about what made me. My main goal, I want to take AEW everywhere. I want to do shows in Tokyo, I want to do shows in Osaka, I want to do shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Dublin. That's my main thing with AEW. I do want to take it around the world because I do believe that travel broadens us.

“What made me a man - [Swerve] knew me as a kid, I was annoying, I was a bit full on, but I didn't know s*** about myself. I was learning about everything at such a young age and almost using social media more as a diary rather than a platform to promote. It happens. I got to learn and every single time I let anybody down, I came back on my knees and was ready to go to work to prove myself. Every single time I've grown up, I've matured, I'm in a position now where I'm a parent. I know who I am as a human being, but I still believe it's because of everything I've done. Every person I've met. Every fan I've shaken hands with. Every wrestler I've wrestled. I believe the best way AEW can grow is by traveling and wanting to do more pay-per-views out in Japan, Mexico, Canada, England, Europe, everywhere. That's my goal with AEW," said Ospreay.

AEW are set to run London’s Wembley Stadium once more in August 2024, with All In taking place on August 25.

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