Will Ospreay Proclaims His Dislike For Canada After Earning Kenny Omega Rematch

Will Ospreay has slammed Canada as he prepares for Kenny Omega rematch

Will Ospreay is preparing to step through the ‘Forbidden Door’ once more after defeating Lance Archer to earn a shot at IWGP United States Champion Kenny Omega, and has already started the war of words in the run-up to the most anticipated sequel of the year.

The two are set to clash at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II in Toronto, Canada on June 25, with Winnipeg’s Kenny Omega set to be on ‘home’ turf for the bout. This seemingly doesn’t faze Ospreay though, as the ‘Commonwealth Kingpin’ said the following about The Great White North in a post-match promo at NJPW Dominion:

"I'm walking into AEW territory once again. Only this time - Kenny, in the Tokyo Dome, I can't tell you enough, you embarrassed me. It was 80% you, 20% Ospreay, we all know it. I left covered in my own blood, a shell of a man. Now I have to get revenge. There is not a better place to do it than in your home territory. 

“I'll say it now. I f****** can't stand Canada. I genuinely can't. Where is this f****** notion that all Canadians are nice? 'Oh, sorry about that. Everyone in Canada is f****** nice.' Look at the evidence. Chris Jericho, a**hole. Don Callis, a**hole. El Phantasmo, a**hole. Bret Hart just moans all the f****** time. I just figure all you Canadians are f****** a**holes. It's going to be real f****** good, walking into enemy territory. I'm going to welcome it. I'm at my best when I'm a little f****** d***head. I have a point to prove.

“I don't care if your heart is broken and your family is awful. Boo f****** hoo. You ripped my heart out and ate it in front of me. Only difference is, I'm still breathing. The heart you ripped out, I put it right back in and it's still beating. That time I've been away, I'm an open heart surgeon. I'm going rip your heart out and eat it in front of Canada. I need this one. I have to prove a point. I am the best wrestler in the world. It's time to show up," said Ospreay.

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