Will Ospreay Replaces IWGP US Title With IWGP UK Title

The IWGP US Title will have a new name and design going forwards

Will Ospreay has had enough of carrying round the IWGP United States Championship. After his loss in the semi-finals of the G1 Climax to Tetsuya Naito, Ospreay unveiled a newly designed title belt in a post-match interview. The United States flag that was originally in the centre of the plate has now been replaced with the Union Jack, with Ospreay explaining that he was now the IWGP United Kingdom Champion. 

Ospreay explained that he no longer wanted to have a championship that he felt no connection to, and stated that he has proven to be the best in the world in every single country he has gone to, and being from the UK, he wants his title to represent that the best wrestler in the world is from there. 

He stated his original plan was to unveil it after beating Naito, but this interview was the next best place due to his defeat. Interestingly, Ospreay introduced this newly designed and renamed title belt in the same month of his rumoured appearance at the AEW All In event from Wembley Stadium in London, England.

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Written by Andrew Kelly