William Regal Reveals He Was Ready To Sign Wheeler Yuta & Daniel Garcia For WWE NXT

A direction change prevented the signings from happening

William Regal is currently enjoying life in All Elite Wrestling, where he manages the Blackpool Combat Club group. 

While Regal is very familiar with longtime friend Bryan Danielson and former WWE colleague Jon Moxley, he likely does not know the group's other member, Wheeler Yuta, quite as well. 

Had the former King of the Ring had his way, however, he would have signed both Yuta and fellow rising AEW star Daniel Garcia when he was involved in recruitment for NXT. 

Speaking with talkSport, Regal talked about how keen he was to add them to WWE's third brand before NXT changed direction:

"They got themselves noticed on COVID. I was going to hire them last year in WWE. I had them and was ready to [sign them], but then a change in philosophy happened. I was going to hire both of them then, I wanted to hire them".

NXT re-branded to NXT 2.0 late last year, which included a new visual identity and a sizeable turnover of talent. 

Regal, who had been involved with NXT in various aspects since it became a fully-fledged developmental territory in the summer of 2012, was released by WWE in January.

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