WWE 2K19: Details Released On New Towers Mode

We've got all the details of WWE 2K19's brand new game mode.

Details have been released on WWE 2K19's new Towers mode. The game mode was announced recently, and we can now reveal further details.

Towers mode sees players select a WWE 2K19 Superstar (or created Superstar) to compete in a series of matches, working through step-by-step until they conquer the Tower.

Each Tower has a unique theme built around groups of specific Superstars or certain match types. The stipulations to be found in Towers mode include Steel Cage, Table, Submission, Iron Man, Falls Count Anywhere, and many more. Each Tower also contains matches with specific challenges and circumstances - such as starting the bout at low health, or beginning with a finisher.

Some Towers feature their own set of goals, such as reaching a specific score, or simply reaching the end of the Tower.

Towers are split into two types: Gauntlet and Steps. Steps Towers see players climbing their way through one match at a time, at their own pace, while Gauntlet Towers must be completed in one session without losing a match.

Fans in participating countries can also try the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge, full details of which are below:

'Fans in participating countries will have an opportunity to win one million dollars by defeating AJ Styles in WWE 2K19 through a one-on-one match. Participation in the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge is a simple, three-step process:

  • Step One: Beat the AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower in WWE 2K19 while playing the game on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One;

  • Step Two: Record yourself cutting a promo video on why you have what it takes to beat AJ Styles in WWE 2K19. The video must include visual proof of the completed AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower screen to confirm you earned the in-game achievement;

  • Step Three: Visit 2k.com/milliondollarchallenge to submit your promo video!

Four finalists will be selected and flown to WrestleMania 35 weekend, where they will compete against one another in a WWE 2K19 mini-tournament. The winner of that tournament will then face AJ Styles one-on-one in the grand finale for a shot at one million dollars!'

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