WWE Officially Announces 2K22 Video Game

After a year away from the series

Footage from WWE 2K22, the latest in WWE's usually-annual series of simulation video games from 2K Games, aired during night one of WrestleMania 37.

The commercial showed Rey Mysterio shrouded in the shadows, putting on his mask. The ad then cut to game footage of a match between Mysterio and Cesaro, with Mysterio hitting his signature 619. The ad ended with the tagline "It Hits Different".

WWE Games wrote on social media, "“#WWE2K22. It Hits Different More info soon… stay tuned.”

No release date was given for WWE 2K22, except that it's coming soon.

WWE skipped the annual 2K release last year during the pandemic. Instead, they released the more offbeat Battlegrounds, a more arcade-style title with cartoonish graphics and surreal action, to mixed reviews.

The prior game in the 2K series, WWE 2K20, was released in October of 2019 to abysmal reviews, on account of numerous gameplay issues and glitches.

2K Sports took over the series from THQ in 2013, and have released an annual simulation title ever since, beginning with 2K14 (with, again, the lone exception being last year).

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