WWE's Bobby Lashley Wanted Apollo Crews In The Hurt Business

Lashley could see untapped potential in Crews

Although The Hurt Business as a fully functioning stable was around for a brief moment in time, Bobby Lashley and MVP had grand designs for the crew.

In conversation with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the Broken Skull Sessions, Lashley revealed that he originally wanted Apollo Crews in the fold:

“Before we got Cedric, we went after Ricochet and we went after Apollo,” Lashley said. “I really wanted Apollo, I really wanted Apollo, because we were doing it as a character but at the same time we were doing it as, ‘I think I know what these guys need.’

“Apollo… great, great, great talent, but I was like, ‘Man, you’re almost too nice. You just seem like, all right, I can do cool moves, but nobody’s ever really gonna get behind you.’ I was like, ‘Man, come to The Hurt Business and we’re gonna teach you how to hurt people.’”

Lashley continued, noting that WWE officials had the final say over who would join The Hurt Business:

“We were doing it as a shoot but we were putting it into a storyline,” Lashley added. “Those guys wouldn’t come [in storyline] but it gave us an opportunity to feud with them and we let the office pick who they actually would let us bring in. Then we brought in Cedric.”

H/T: Sportskeeda Wrestling

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