WWE’s Finn Balor Would Turn NXT UK Into NXT Europe

The Prinxe can’t overlook the strong European influence on the brand

With the sweeping changes to NXT turning it into NXT 2.0, the future of NXT UK has been a topic of discussion amongst fans. Former NXT Champion Finn Balor has a suggestion though - turn it into NXT Europe.

Whilst speaking to Glasgow Live during WWE’s UK tour, Balor was asked about plans for an aborted match against WALTER, with Balor saying what he’d do with NXT UK if he were to return:

“That match is something we were leading towards before the pandemic,” said Balor “It didn’t happen. Whether we can get back there soon remains to be seen but that’s a match I would absolutely love, and he’s someone who, with a couple of small tweaks, could adapt well to RAW or SmackDown.

“I would be open to a couple months or a couple of years running NXT UK. The one thing I would change is to make it NXT Europe as I really feel like it has a strong European influence right now. But yeah, that is something I’m really open to.”

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Written by Jack Atkins

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