WWE's John Morrison Reveals Where 'Johnny Drip Dip' Originated From

'It kind of took on a life of its own.'

John Morrison has revealed how the 'Johnny Drip Drip' character came from his attempts to annoy his wife, Franky Monet.

Morrison has referred to himself as 'Johnny Drip Drip' in recent weeks and months on WWE television, starting when he and The Miz released a new rap song back during their feud with Damian Priest and Bad Bunny.

The former Tag Team Champion has now revealed how exactly he came up with the moniker. 

Speaking to TV Insider, Morrison said: "I was in a car with Franky, and I like to rap a little bit. When a song comes on, I change the words. ‘Who Franky calls when she wants it? Johnny. Whose manoeuvres be gnarly? Johnny. Who got that tough paper brawny? Johnny. Who got that famous dog? Johnny. Who got that ‘Drip Drip’ speak? Johnny. Who rolls with his wife in a jeep? Johnny. ‘Drip Drip’ is lit.’ Stuff like that.

"She’ll say, ‘You know that was good, but you know what would be greater though? If you shut up and let me listen to Cardi B.’ I like music and singing along to things. When Miz and I had our first rap song, I called myself ‘Johnny Drip Drip.’ It kind of took on a life of its own.

"Then I started using all these water metaphors. I really enjoy using the word moist. It happens to be Franky’s least favourite word. I’ll say, ‘I’m moist by choice babe.’ She’ll say, ‘Don’t ever say that again.’ It’s fun to bug her a little bit.

"The whole Johnny Drip Drip now is the way I dress, my hair, it’s all my version of what drip is. All that stuff is fun and ridiculous. And I happen to like ridiculousness."

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