WWE's WALTER Reportedly More Open To Wrestling Regularly In United States

Der Ring General could potentially join WWE's main roster

After appearing regularly on WWE’s recent UK tour, it was rumoured that WWE could be trying WALTER out for a run on main, despite many reports over the years claiming that ‘Der Ring General’ had no intention of relocating from Europe.

However, a report from PWInsider’s Mike Johnson claims that we could potentially be seeing more of WALTER, writing the following in response to a reader’s question about WALTER working full-time in the USA:

“There's no concrete update. When he initially signed with WWE, we were told WALTER was steadfast that he didn't want to relocate to the States, which the company respected. Over the last year, we are told that there have been changes in WALTER's personal life that have led him to being more open to moving to the States. It hasn't happened but the belief is that's more and more likely to happy now than it would have a few years ago. So, stay tuned.”

Talk of WALTER’s future has increased since he dropped the NXT UK Title to Ilja Dragunov at TakeOver 36 in August, with reports stating everything from WWE wanting WALTER to feature more regularly on NXT, to WALTER discussing a potential future on the main roster.

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