WWE Star Goldberg Describes Matt Riddle As "A Booger That Get's Caught Up Your Nose"

They're the two best friends that anybody could have...

NXT Superstar Matt Riddle has never been shy about voicing his opinions on WWE's top stars. He has repeatedly claimed he will be the man to retire Brock Lesnar and has called out WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg for his in-ring ability, previously describing him as "the worst wrestler in the business."

This ultimately led to a tense confrontation between the two Superstars over SummerSlam weekend, in which Goldberg told Riddle they had some talking to do, and that he wasn't his "bro."

Goldberg has evidently not forgotten about The King Of Bros, as during a recent interview with The Total Slam podcast, the former Universal Champion said Riddle was "like a booger that gets caught up your nose. He's just annoying and won't go away." Later stating that Riddle "has no bearing whatsoever on Goldberg's life. Period." Meaning the two are unlikely to face off in the ring anytime soon.

It didn't take the NXT Tag Team Champion very long to notice Bill's comments as Riddle quickly tweeted: "#WWESSD Good luck from your Booger Bro."


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