WWE SummerSlam 2019 Results From Toronto

An action-packed night...

WWE SummerSlam 2019 is in the books, and it was certainly a night of happenings. In all, Kickoff show included, 12 matches took place, seven of them for championship gold, and a few others proving interesting for different reasons.

Cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak def. Oney Lorcan in 8:46

The first Kickoff show match pitted two former CZW nemeses against each other, a solid blend of mat wrestling and strikes. Gulak got the win with the Cyclone Crash.

Buddy Murphy def. Apollo Crews by DQ in 4:38

Fast-paced match that ended somewhat abruptly, after Rowan attacked Murphy, due to Murphy stooging Rowan out on SmackDown. The beatdown concluded with a powerbomb into the ringpost.

Women's Tag Team champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross def. The IIconics in 6:12

Very basic match to set up Bliss and Cross' defense against The Kabuki Warriors on Raw. Bliss pinned Peyton Royce after following a hard punch to the jaw with Twisted Bliss.

Raw Women's champion Becky Lynch def. Natalya in a submission match in 12:27

The main card kicked off with Lynch and Natalya's heated exchange of submission attempts, which included a Lynch sharpshooter and a Nattie Dis-Arm-Her at points. Lynch retained via her own Dis-Arm-Her.

Goldberg def. Dolph Ziggler in 1:41

Dolph got some kicks in, but the spear and jackhammer finished quickly. Ziggler smack-talked Goldberg afterward, earning residual beatings for his inability to shut up.

United States champion AJ Styles def. Ricochet in 12:59

Incredible moment earlier on as Ricochet used Gallows and Anderson's shoulders as stepping stones to deliver a hurrachanrana onto Styles. Styles retained after catching a twisting rana into the Styles Clash.

SmackDown Women's champion Bayley def. Ember Moon in 10:07

Rather simple match for the most part, harmed in part by a mostly tepid crowd. For the finish, Bayley hit the Belly-to-Bayley off the top rope.

Kevin Owens def. Shane McMahon in 9:21

Elias was inserted as an outside official at Shane's behest, just to stack the deck. Owens overcame the odds, using a chair to neutralize Elias, gave Shane a low blow, and won with the stunner to save his job.

Charlotte Flair def. Trish Status in 16:36

Given Stratus' relative inactivity, this exceeded expectations, and fans were hanging on every move in the home stretch. Flair won via submission with the Figure Eight, and Stratus got the hometown spotlight after, for what's likely her final match.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston fought Randy Orton to a double countout in 17:40

Rather slow paced match with a few callbacks to their established acrimony. The two ended up outside after Orton caught a diving Kingston with an RKO. They ended up counted out, and an irate Kofi attacked Orton with a kendo stick, before hitting Trouble in Paradise.

Bray Wyatt def. Finn Balor in 3:26

Pure spectacle, with "The Fiend" getting a remixed version of "Live in Fear" and other alterations, including a lantern fashioned to look like Bray's severed head. Balor got minimal offense until near the end, where he succumbed to the mandible claw, being pinned by the move.

Seth Rollins def. Universal champion Brock Lesnar in 13:07 to win the title

Crowd was anti-Rollins at the start, but the relentless, chaotic action swung them back Rollins way the longer it went. Speaking of swung, Lesnar twirled Rollins by his rib tape at one point in an insane visual. A few curb stomps spaced out managed to finish Lesnar, with no other chicanery.

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