WWE Talents Hoped Vince McMahon Wouldn't Return To Creative Following Medical Leave

Vince McMahon has since re-established himself as the overseer of WWE creative

WWE talents ultimately didn't get what they wanted when it came to Vince McMahon and his role in creative.

McMahon had been on medical leave since July following spinal surgery and it emerged following the September 11 edition of Monday Night Raw that Vince was back at the helm of creative. He and Triple H made several changes to the show ahead of Raw going on the air at 8 pm ET that were said to be for the better. 

McMahon made the changes to Raw remotely and he was not in Norfolk, Virginia for the show. Remote changes to WWE TV from the 78-year-old were common between April and July 2023, with McMahon having re-established himself at the top of WWE creative following the announcement of the planned merger between WWE and UFC on April 3. The merger was completed this week on September 12. 

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, McMahon actually returned from medical leave several weeks ago. Triple H had been in charge of creative while McMahon was on medical leave and talent hoped that Vince would remain out of creative once the WWE-UFC merger was completed. Talent were even told that Levesque would be "in charge of creative" post-merger but then McMahon was suddenly back overseeing WWE TV plans. 

The prior arrangement that was in place between April and July has since been re-established and Paul Levesque is officially the head of creative, but Vince McMahon retains the final say on all creative matters and he can change any plans he wishes. 

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