WWE WrestleMania 40 Night 2 Results

WWE WrestleMania 40 night two results

Following night one, WWE presented WrestleMania 40 night two from Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field. With his loss on night one, Cody Rhodes would have to defeat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in a Bloodline Rules Match. The question was, though, could Cody Rhodes finish the story?

The card for WrestleMania night two was as follows:

  • Seth Rollins (c) vs. Drew McIntyre - World Heavyweight Championship
  • Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits vs. The Final Testament (Karrion Kross & Authors of Pain)
  • LA Knight vs. AJ Styles
  • Logan Paul (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens - Triple Threat for the United States Championship
  • IYO SKY (c) vs. Bayley - WWE Women's Championship 
  • Roman Reigns (c) vs. Cody Rhodes - Bloodline Rules Match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship 


Stephanie McMahon opens the show

After Triple H opened night one, it was his wife Stephanie McMahon's turn to open WrestleMania 40 night two, making her first appearance on WWE programming since she resigned as WWE CEO in January 2023 amid Vince McMahon forcing his way back into the company. McMahon asked the crowd if they were ready as WWE tried to call this new era the 'Triple H Era' and she welcomed the fans to WrestleMania 40.

Drew McIntyre def. Seth Rollins (c) - World Heavyweight Championship

With CM Punk on commentary, it was time for the opening contest as Drew McIntyre challenged Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship. Both competitors had special entrances, Drew with bagpipes and sword-carrying Scottish warriors and Seth Rollins with the Philadelphia Mummers. 

Almost shades of WrestleMania 28 as Drew McIntyre levelled Seth Rollins with a Claymore kick as soon as the bell rang. That looked to be it but Rollins kicked out at 2.99. Irn Dru set up for a second one but Rollins, carrying injuries from night one, rolled to the outside. McIntyre continued the beatdown of Rollins and even had time to tweet "Bored at work. LOL!" while sitting next to his wife and brother. 

McIntyre became preoccupied with CM Punk on commentary, though, which allowed Rollins to hit a Pedigree on the floor, hurting his knee in the process. Back in the ring, Rollins connected with a Stomp but McIntyre managed to kick out. The match became even from there and both men were down and out following a Glasgow Kiss and Neckbreaker from McIntyre. A kip-up later and Drew set up for a 3-2-1 Claymore but Rollins blocked it and hit another Pedigree.

Rollins hit another Stomp but McIntyre, with the whole of Scotland behind him, kicked out at two. Rollins went for a Stomp from the top rope but Drew dodged it and they both avoided finishers before McIntyre connected with a Futureshock DDT. McIntyre went back to mocking CM Punk and tried to connect with a Go To Sleep but Rollins countered into a small package for another close two count. McIntyre then fired back with another Claymore but he only scored a two count, much to Drew's annoyance.

The action spilled to the outside and Rollins hit a Stomp on the announce table. Drew then hit another Claymore back in the ring but Rollins managed to kick out once again. As the crowd chanted "one more time!" McIntyre hit a fourth Claymore and pinned Seth Rollins to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. 

Finally, Drew McIntyre, with tears in his eyes, had his WrestleMania moment in front of fans. Rollins, with tears in his own eyes, paid respect to McIntyre, telling Irn Dru he f*cking deserved it. After celebrating with his wife and brother, McIntyre crawled across the announce table and goaded CM Punk, promising to end his career if Punk got back in the ring and told Punk to suck it. Punk had enough, though, and decked McIntyre with his arm brace before he stomped a mudhole in Drew before blowing a kiss to Drew's wife. 

Damian Priest def. Drew McIntyre (c) - World Heavyweight Championship

With McIntyre down and out, Damian Priest suddenly charged to the ring and cashed in the Money in the Bank contract. One South of Heaven later and Damian Priest was the new World Heavyweight Champion. He celebrated at the top of the ramp with the whole of Judgment Day as CM Punk applauded on the announce table and McIntyre had tears of sadness in his eyes this time. 

Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits def. The Final Testament (Karrion Kross & Authors of Pain) - Philadelphia Street Fight

With Snoop Dogg on commentary and Bubba Ray Dudley as the special guest referee, The Final Testament took on Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits in the second match of the night. The Final Testament dominated the opening minutes using trash cans and kendo sticks to good effect. The Street Profits fought back, with Montez Ford channelling his inner Leon Slater with a Senton Bomb over the top turnbuckle to the floor. Bobby Lashley then battered Kross in the ring and went to apply the Hurt Lock but Scarlett decked Bobby with kendo stick shots. B-Fab got rid of Scarlett with a Russian Leg Sweep through a table.

Saito Suplex from Kross to Lashley before a DDT on the chair for a near fall. Bubba, who was counting really fast, got some complaints from Kross so Bubba put on his Dudley Boyz glasses as Lashley decked Kross with a Spear. As Bubba did a "WAZZUP", Angelo Dawkins did the D-Von dive straight to Karrion Kross' nether regions. He'll need some DUDE WIPES after that. 

Bubba Ray Dudley then told the babyfaces to get the tables and they obliged. They went to put Kross through the table but it collapsed before Montez Ford could hit the dive. Lashley and The Street Profits grabbed another table as Montez ruined Kross with kendo stick shots. This time, they got the spot right and Ford put Kross through a table with a Frog Splash before Lashley pinned him for the win. 

LA Knight def. AJ Styles

AJ Styles debuted new music at WrestleMania 40 and charged to the ring to take on LA Knight, with the Phenomenal One dominating the opening minutes as a result of the quick pace. LA Knight fought back soon after, scoring a near fall following a Tornado DDT and he proceeded to control the match, levelling Styles with a German Suplex from the top rope for another near fall.

Later, LA Knight ripped up the protective padding on the floor and took a back bump on it for his trouble. Styles wanted the count-out win but Knight got back in at the count of nine. Styles looked to put his opponent away with a Springboard 450 Splash but Knight got his knees up. Styles hit a Pele Kick soon after, though, and missed a Phenomenal Forearm. Both competitors blocked more finisher attempts before AJ missed another Phenomenal Forearm as Knight knocked him off the ropes, calling back to Royal Rumble 2024. Knight followed up with Blunt Force Trauma for the 1-2-3 as LA Knight picked up his first win at WrestleMania. 

Logan Paul (c) def. Randy Orton & Kevin Owens - Triple Threat for the United States Championship 

Logan Paul made his way to the ring on the top of a monster truck, while Sami Zayn was at Gorilla for Kevin Owens with the Intercontinental Championship, telling KO it was his turn now. KO headed to the ring in a golf cart and then backed up to give Randy Orton a lift, with Orton telling him to slow down when KO drove a little bit too fast.

Once the bell rang, Logan Paul tried to get Orton and Owens to brawl but the babyfaces weren't having any of it and they beat up Paul with repeated backdrops on the announce table and knocked over the pile of PRIME bottles. Paul pushed Owens into Orton at one point but instead of being idiot babyfaces KO calmly explained himself to Randy and Orton accepted this as the logical timeline of events. Issues between Orton and KO arose, though, after they tried to pin Orton at the same time. KO said they'd fight each other later and Orton agreed before he proved himself to be a viper and went for an RKO, a move blocked by Owens. 

This led to a brawl between Owens and Orton as Logan Paul briefly recovered on the outside before he hit a Buckshot Lariat. As Gatorade chants filled Lincoln Financial Field, Paul hit a Stinger Splash before he ate a Cannonball from Owens. KO tried to follow up with a Swanton to Paul but he crashed into Logan's knees. The United States Champion fired back with a Swanton of his own on KO before a standing Frog Splash to Orton for a two count. 

Later, Owens hit a Codebreaker on Orton while also hitting a Senton on Paul in the process. KO then remained on top hitting a Powerslam to Logan Paul from the top rope before the former Universal Champion followed up with a Moonsault, only for Paul to kick out at two. Orton then levelled KO with an RKO but Owens got his shoulder up at two. At this point, Paul skulked back into the ring with the brass knuckles on and he swung for Orton but missed. He got him at the second time of asking and that looked to be it but Orton kicked out! 

Logan Paul then used the knuckles on Owens to the body and face. Logan tried another shot to Orton but the Apex Predator countered into an RKO, although he was unable to capitalise with a pin. Orton handed the brass knuckles to the referee and set up for the Punt but the PRIME bottle at ringside pulled Paul to safety and revealed themselves to be IShowSpeed. Much to the happiness of everyone in attendance, Orton hit IShowSpeed with an RKO on the announce table.

All of the time allowed Paul to recover and he sent Orton's skull bouncing off the ring post. Paul went for a Frog Splash back in the ring but Orton dodged it and Logan ran straight into a Pop Up Powerbomb. KO then caught Orton with a Stunner but the 14-time world champion managed to kick out. Owens went for another Pop-Up Powerbomb but Orton countered into an RKO. Logan Paul then threw Orton out of the ring before he could make the cover and the United States Champion followed up with a huge Frog Splash to Owens to record the successful title defence. 

Bayley def. IYO SKY (c) - WWE Women's Championship

Royal Rumble 2024 winner Bayley challenged her former Damage CTRL stablemate IYO SKY for the WWE Women's Championship in the semi-main event of WrestleMania 40 in, crazily, what was Bayley's first-ever WrestleMania singles match. 

After an initial flurry of offence, IYO SKY took control by targeting Bayley's knee. IYO SKY dominated the in-ring action for the next several minutes, including a Moonsault to the outside, as the crowd got behind the challenger with 'HEY BAYLEY' chants. A bridging German Suplex scored a near fall for the champion and SKY tried to follow up with a Moonsault, this time in the ring but Bayley got her feet up, possibly hurting her knee some more in the process with a rough landing for IYO. 

Bayley went for the Flying Elbow but missed as SKY reversed into a Crossface. Bayley briefly escaped before IYO locked in the Crossface again and transitioned into an STF. Bayley escaped and followed up with a Bayley to Belly but SKY kicked out at two! IYO SKY followed up with a cackling slap which prompted a slugfest. SKY hit a Backbreaker and the Moonsault but Bayley kicked out, much to the surprise of SKY.

The crowd began to believe it was Bayley's night but SKY followed up with a second Moonsault. She whiffed on a third, though, and Bayley went for a Rose Plant, only for SKY to somehow flip out of it. As Bayley hobbled around, she hit a Saito Suplex and the Flying Elbow. One Rose Plant later and Bayley was the new WWE Women's Champion. 

Cody Rhodes def. Roman Reigns (c) - Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Main event time as Cody Rhodes looked to finish the story in the main event of WrestleMania 40 and defeat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The match didn't have the usual slow opening like every Roman Reigns title defence and they went back and forth in the early going, including a brawl through the crowd that featured Suplexes at the production area. 

It was finally time for the Roman control spot as he wore Cody down with submissions and scored a near fall with a Perfect Plex of all the moves from the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Both men ended up down on the mat following an exchange of big boots and Superkicks. Cody Rhodes began to feel it in Philly and connected with a Disaster Kick but he only registered a near fall. Cody went for a Cody Cutter but was blocked by Roman and Reigns connected with Cross Rhodes! Cody managed to kick out of his own finisher as Reigns declared "That move sucks!"

Reigns locked and loaded his right hand but whiffed on the Superman Punch. Tribute to Dusty Rhodes followed with punches and a Bionic Elbow. Rhodes then looked to the announce table and Reigns absolutely ruined Cody's testicles with an almighty low blow. As Rhodes tried to recover, Reigns put him through the announce table with a Powerbomb and followed up with a Superman Punch. The champion thought that was it but Cody kicked out at two. 

Rhodes wasn't down for long, connecting with a Cody Cutter for a near fall. Cody hit a Spear to Reigns soon after and it was Roman's turn to kick out of his own finishing move. Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes next and he went for a second one, only for Jimmy Uso to appear from out of nowhere and destroy him with a Superkick. Superman Punch from Roman before Jey Uso's music filled Lincoln Financial Field and Jey sent Jimmy packing up the ramp before a Spear sent them crashing through tables below the ramp. 

Back in the ring, Rhodes rolled up Reigns for a near fall before Reigns fired back with a Spear. Some in the stadium feared that was it but Cody got his shoulder up at 2.9. Reigns, with a look of disbelief, tried to apply the Guillotine but Cody escaped and followed up with a Spear to Roman through the barricade. 

Rhodes listened to the voices in his head and hit a second and third Cross Rhodes but he couldn't hit a fourth as Solo Sikoa came out from under the ring and decked Cody with a Samoan Spike. Unlike WrestleMania 39, Rhodes got his shoulder up at 2.9 this time. At this point, Solo told Roman to finish him and they hit a Spear-Samoan Spike combo. Cody kicked out again, though! The odds were then evened by JOHN CENA! who ran down the ramp, took out Solo and levelled Roman Reigns with an Attitude Adjustment. As the crowd went wild, Solo Sikoa was sent crashing through the announce table with an AA from Cena.

As Cena looked happy, "IF YA SMELL" filled the arena and The Rock in a waistcoat and flared pants headed to the ring as the two WrestleMania 28 and WrestleMania 29 opponents faced off inside the squared circle for the first time in several years. Cena did the 'You can't see me' and ate a Rock Bottom from Dwayne Johnson. Before The Rock could whip Cody and Cena, "SIERRA, HOTEL, INDIA, ECHO, LIMA, DELTA, SHIELD" filled the arena only for Seth Rollins in Shield gear to eat a Superman punch straight away from Roman Reigns. A gong then followed and The Undertaker appeared behind The Rock and Chokeslammed him. When the lights went off and came back on, Taker was gone with the Mama Rhodes weight belt left in the centre of the ring. 

Roman picked up a steel chair and had the choice between Cody and Seth Rollins. Roman ultimately chose Rollins and in a callback to Seth's betrayal of the Shield, Reigns decked him in the back with the steel chair. Roman then went for a Spear but he ate another Cross Rhodes from Cody before a fifth and sixth one from Cody. After that, 1-2-3 and Samantha Irvin, overcome with emotion, announced Cody Rhodes had done it. The American Nightmare has finished the story and he is the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion!

WrestleMania 40 ended with Cody Rhodes in tears giving the belt to his mother as the Rhodes family and Brandi Rhodes celebrated inside the ring. Cody Rhodes cut a promo and hugged Bruce Prichard and Triple H inside the squared circle after calling them down to the ring. With all the babyfaces in the ring too, Cody had one final celebration as Triple H raised Cody Rhodes' arm and announced the beginning of a new era for WWE.  

As Cody began to head backstage, Corey Graves announced "pro wrestling is back" as WrestleMania 40 finally came to an end. 

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