Maki Itoh News


Update On Maki Itoh's AEW Status

Maki Itoh’s arrival to AEW at the beginning of 2021 was like a lightning bolt, with many pro wrestling fans becoming instant fans of the self-proclaimed ‘Cutest Pro Wrestler in the World’ and...


Maki Itoh Returning To Japan

Maki Itoh has announced that she is returning to Japan after a brief stint in AEW. The self-proclaimed ‘Cutest Wrestler in the World’ has built a cult following outside of Japan, with her...


Maki Itoh Open To Working More In AEW

Maki Itoh recently made her All Elite Wrestling debut in the AEW Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament and went one on one with Ryo Mizunami in the first round. Itoh ultimately came up...