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WWE Offers Deal To Giulia

Recent reports indicated that WWE were looking at Giulia, with it suggested that WWE were actively attempting to bring the STARDOM main eventer over to the Performance Center as soon as possible. A...


WWE Officially Announces UK PPV

After years of wishing, hoping, and tantalising speculation, WWE have officially announced their first UK PPV in 30 years. Scheduled for The Principality Stadium in Cardiff on September 3, WWE will...


WWE Open To Moving Raw From Mondays

Since 1993, Monday night to wrestling fans means WWE Raw, with WWE’s flagship show having been ever-present on Monday nights despite numerous channel, branding, and content changes. However,...


WWE RAW Results - January 10 2022

WWE RAW hurtled along towards the Royal Rumble, as several stars confirmed their spots in the men’s match, title matches were confirmed, and titles even changed hands. In the WWE Title scene,...