10 Signature Dishes Of 10 Current WWE Superstars

WWE: The Official Cookbook looks like it’s going to be an absolute delight…


I was having a little browse of the ol’ internet on Thursday and saw a couple of things that inspired me to write this article. The first was the thousands of Thanksgiving dinner pictures that had me salivating like one of Pavlov’s dog’s, and the other was an upcoming release from WWE’s publishing department.

WWE: The Official Cookbook is available to pre-order now and I suggest you do if a couple of the recipes are anything to go by. As a fan of a good pun here and there, I simply cannot put into words the joy that filled my heart when I saw that you can make a BA-QUICHE-TA and D-GENERATION EGGS. Wow, oh wow, oh wow. 

Of course, those two recipes are included in the official cookbook because that was the signature dishes of the Superstars in question. Dave Batista was known for rustling up a mean quiche in his hotel room before seeing it off before a big match, while Shawn Michaels especially was said to love eggs – particularly in the 1990s where he would eat them Sunny Side Up. If you get that reference, I’m sorry.

So then, what else can we expect to see in the official cookbook? I really hope it’s one of the following 10 signature dishes made by 10 current WWE Superstars…

10. The Dolph Piggler

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This is the entry I’m most proud of: Dolph Pigglers. This is the best thing I’ll ever come up with in my content creating career and I’m completely fine with it all being downhill from here.

Sources behind the scenes tell me that Dolph Ziggler’s theme isn’t about how perfect The Showoff is, it’s about the pride he has for his signature pigs in blankets. Look at the lyrics and it all makes sense:

I’m here to show the world
I’m here to show the world
My pigs


Do what I say (Better watch what I cook)
Better heed the warning I’m here to serve you
If you ever doubted me, you don’t have fully functioning tastebuds
I’m here to cook me pigs
I’m here to cook me pigs

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