Who Is In Our Dream WWE Survivor Series Teams?

“My team would batter your team!”


The month of November for every WWE fan is much like every lunchtime for a 10-year-old in the playground as we claim something mythical would BATTER something else of mythical proportions.

While those whippersnappers claim their Da would batter their pals’ Da, among other things like their ‘Da’s secret girlfriend’ is nicer than their pals’ actual mother; we spend this month claiming our dream Survivor Series team would beat any and all comers…

Ok. I know you don’t do that. Nobody does that. But we’re in the content creating game here and this is engaging stuff I know you’ve been longing for. Getting 200 words out of this when the only message I’m looking to convey is “here’s our dream Survivor Series teams m8s” is hard. Let’s waffle. I’m 129 words deep now. I know nobody is reading this part because after seeing that alluring title you don’t care what I’m saying here. I know you’ve all skipped this page because you’re dying to know if Jack The Jobber picked Steve Blackman, or if Adam Pacitti’s weird fascination with Mojo Rawley is still alive. I tell you, I’m almost certain nobody is reading this far, so certain in fact that I’m willing to tell you my darkest secre… WHOOMP there it is. 200 words. Introduction done. Enjoy the rest of the article!

Ross Tweddell

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