Ranking All 21 WWE TLC Matches From Worst To Best

Rummaging through the debris of WWE’s most chaotic stipulation…


Along with Hell in a Cell, TLC is probably WWE’s most iconic stipulation. (As long as we’re not counting the Rumble, but I see that more as a totally separate entity.)

It’s no coincidence that both TLC and Hell in a Cell were born in the Attitude Era, and are therefore linked with the idea of wrestling at its rawest and most thrilling. It also helps that both have innately violent, dangerous features.

Unlike Hell in a Cell, however, I’d argue that TLC has found itself less constrained by WWE’s shift to PG. Whereas most iconic Cell matches are built upon a bedrock of visceral punishment, the spirit of TLC revolves more around high spots and danger (perceived or otherwise). Superstars may not be allowed to blade anymore, but they can still fall off a ladder through a table.

For that reason, I feel as though TLC is one of the stipulations least affected by having its own themed pay-per-view. Yes, it takes away a degree of organic excitement – we know that we’ll see a handful of TLC matches in December – but in terms of the action itself, TLC has remained relatively consistent over the years.

In fact, we’ve decided to illustrate that for you. Without further ado, let’s take a look at all 21 TLC matches in WWE history – ranked from worst to best.

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