10 Best Eddie Guerrero WWE Matches

Celebrate the late Latino Heat's birthday with these classics.

9. Vs. Rey Mysterio - Judgment Day 2005

Eddie guerrero rey mysterio judgment day 2005

The feud between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero was one of the WWE highlights of 2005. 

They started out the year as Tag Team Champion partners, but a friendly rivalry based on competition escalated rapidly and ended with Latino Heat turning on the masked man in brutal fashion. 

That led to their first proper grudge match, at Judgment Day 2005. The pair of luchadores had worked together extensively in the past and always put on great matches, but this one had an altogether different feel to it. 

It was less about spots and high-flying (though there was still some of that) and more about matching the intensity of the storyline. Eddie was vicious and methodical, while Rey was determined to take it to him and gain a measure of revenge or go down swinging. 

Eddie worked over the injured ribs and attempted to ground Mysterio, while Rey picked his moments and made fiery comebacks. He was on top and gaining momentum as Chavo tried to interfere on his uncle's behalf, only for Rey to dispatch him and then rock Eddie with the 619. 

An attempted West Coast Pop, however, was met by a steel chair, giving Mysterio the win via disqualification. 

That was really the only ending they could have done, as neither man could be beaten proper in their first big match together, while it also demonstrated Eddie's desperation in trying to avoid another loss to his former partner. 

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