10 Most Shocking WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations

The most shocking WWE Royal Rumble eliminations in history!

9. Shawn Michaels Eliminates The British Bulldog - 1995

Shawn michaels royal rumble 1995

He may be known as Mr WrestleMania, but Shawn Michaels made quite the habit of stealing the show at the Royal Rumble, too. 

He was certainly the man of the moment in the 1995 Rumble, entering at number one and going the distance to win the thing, eliminating eight people along the way. The field was basically three-quarters midcard fodder and the coast-to-coast aspect wasn’t too terribly impressive due to the shorter intervals between entrants, but the finish sure was a doozy. 

Number two entrant The British Bulldog – basically the only other participant who looked like he stood a chance of punching his ticket to WrestleMania – thought he had a guaranteed WWE title shot in the bag after putting the Heartbreak Kid over the top rope, only to be dumped out himself while celebrating his would-be triumph. 

It turned out only one of Shawn’s feet had hit the floor, allowing him to re-renter the ring and win the match for himself, much to the surprise of Davey Boy Smith and every WWE fan watching live and on television.

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