10 Unluckiest Wrestlers Ever

If these wrestlers didn't have bad luck they wouldn't have any luck at all...

9. Lex Luger

Lex luger msg 1994

It feels a bit wrong to call Lex Luger 'unlucky' in wrestling, since he admittedly didn't have much passion or, at times, aptitude for it, but was pushed to the top anyway due to his incredible look. 

Not that Luger didn't work hard and improve over time, showing glimpses of potential that would never be fully realised. 

His early WCW run was hampered by behind-the-scenes political turmoil, particularly around who was chosen to win the World Title. At one point, Lex was pencilled in to win the strap from Ric Flair, but the Nature Boy refused since he had promised to do the honours for Sting, who was out with an injury. 

Rather than follow through with the booker's plans, Flair instead left for WWE and took the belt with him. Luger had to settle for a hollow victory over Barry Windham for the vacant title, which fans saw right through. 

A couple of years later, Luger himself would head to WWE. Well, he'd sign with Vince McMahon, anyway, but not as a member of the touring roster. Luger was instead going to be one of the faces of the ill-fated World Bodybuilding Federation, but got into a motorcycle accident and, by the time he had recovered, the WBF was out of business. 

So he put on the trunks and boots again and, in time, became Vince's handpicked successor to the departed Hulk Hogan. 

Almost guaranteed to win the WWE Title at some point, Luger somehow managed to avoid winning the big one, first beating Yokozuna by countout in their SummerSlam grudge match, and then losing by disqualification at WrestleMania X, paving the way for Bret Hart to topple the faux-sumo in the main event. 

There are rumours that Vince was deliberating between putting Luger or Hart over at the Showcase of the Immortals and had decided on the Total Package, before Lex blabbed about plans to a journalist in the days before the event, forcing McMahon to go the other way. 

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