10 WWE Stars TNA/IMPACT Wrestling Failed To Sign

TNA could have looked very different if they signed these former/current WWE stars

9. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton benjamin may 2021

There was a time – when he was getting big victories over Triple H in the main event of Raw before having a long reign with the Intercontinental Title – that it looked as though Shelton Benjamin would break through and become a top-tier WWE superstar. 

It never quite happened, though, as the Gold Standard had a damn good run – winning the IC, United States and WWE Tag Team titles – but never broke out into that main-eventers club. 

When he was released in 2010, it was expected that he would be a man in high demand. 

And so it came to be, with the former amateur standout getting plenty of work for groups like Ring of Honor, as well as in Japan for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH. 

People likely expected him to show up in TNA, but it didn’t transpire. After getting badgered with questions about it via social media, Benjamin addressed the situation on Twitter in 2015, writing that the two sides did have discussions and were eager to do business together, but that a ‘mutually satisfactory agreement’ could not be reached. 

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