10 WWE Stars TNA/IMPACT Wrestling Failed To Sign

TNA could have looked very different if they signed these former/current WWE stars

8. Jim Ross

Jim ross aew

TNA didn’t just try to sign wrestlers who had worked for WWE. 

Over time, they also welcomed into the fold former WWE referees, managers, production staff, and writers in a bid to improve their product.

One person they tried to bring over who would have made a huge difference is Jim Ross. 

Good Ol’ JR was synonymous with the WWE product, having worked backstage as the top dog in talent relations and on-camera as the lead announcer of both Raw and SmackDown. His time in the company had, at times, been tumultuous, however, with a couple of high-profile firings and some televised ‘ribbing’ that had to rankle. 

TNA made a play for him in the early 2010s, with Eric Bischoff passing on the Hall of Famer’s details to Dixie Carter, who flew him to the family ranch in Texas for talks. 

As Ross explained on his podcast, he enjoyed socialising with the Carters and did consider their offer, but ultimately declined because he left the meeting unsure about his job description, company structure, and the backstage atmosphere he was walking into. 

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