5 Biggest Headlines From WWE SummerSlam 2020

You probably didn't see it coming...

The incessant parroting of the "you never saw it coming" tagline seemed like it had potential to prove an absolute dud when whatever surprise they had in mind was finally revealed. Instead, said surprise made for a great show-ending punctuation, capping off a mostly-enjoyable, if not entirely even, SummerSlam.

'Situated inside this new-fangled "Thunderdome", I have to personally admit that all the screens and dubbed in noise didn't actually distract all that much from the action, so I'm pleasantly surprised there. As for the action itself, it ran the gamut, with really good matches and some not-so-good matches up and down the seven-match card. But it was one of those nights where no singular match takes precedent as the "lead-out" focal point. On a night where a rookie wrestler looked great in his first match, where Asuka wrestled two grueling bouts, and where both men's World title matches had somewhat unexpected endings, the topper was the final set of images. Believe that.

Here are the five biggest headlines coming out of this year's WWE SummerSlam.

5. Sonya Deville Is Gone (For Now)

Surely we all saw this coming. Given the unimaginable trauma she's going through, it's hard to imagine Deville continuing on for the foreseeable future. Hopefully she's able to comfortably move on from it all, and pick up where she left off somewhere down the line.

As for the match, she went out in defeat to her real life friend Mandy Rose, following a somewhat tame No Disqualification match. Granted, the stip was only made in the preceding days, so it's not like they had time to plan out a bevy of crazy spots. It was what it was.

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