Big E: "People Like Us, Historically, And Moving Forward Clearly, Can Only Get So Far" 

The New Day member reacts to Vince McMahon's actions on WWE SmackDown Live...

This may just be part of the Kofi Kingston saga on WWE SmackDown Live, but when Big E gets serious, you really are forced to listen.

The New Day member took to Twitter this afternoon to reveal himself, Kofi and Xavier Woods are thinking about their WWE futures because "people like us will only get so far."

On this week's SmackDown Live, Kofi defeated five men in a gauntlet match before Vince McMahon appeared and pulled the rug from under his feet once again, announcing that he'd have to defeat WWE Champion Daniel Bryan as well in an impromptu match.

Kingston lost, and seemingly won't be going to WrestleMania at the time of writing.

E's words are very much open to interpretation - here's what he said:

"Now we understand the game, we see what the game is, that people like us will only get so far, that you can climb the mountain, they'll let you climb the mountain, but as far as getting to the peak and staying at the peak it's not a thing that people like us, historically, and moving forward clearly, can only get so far.

"Clearly we are never meant to be more than this, and for people like us that's not enough, and it will never be enough.

"We've got to sit back and think whether continuing to be gone for 250 days plus a year is worth it, if missing the family time, if doing this to our bodies, leaving a piece of yourself in the ring that you can never get back, all the things that we give - if it's worth it when we can only get this far.

"We got a lot of thinking to do.

"If this is all we ever will be, I don't know if it's worth it."

E spoke of his pride for The New Day and Kofi Kingston in particular before ending the clip which you can see below.

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