Brett Lauderdale Discusses Nick Gage's Importance To GCW

Nick Gage is currently in his third reign as GCW World Champion

For most people, when they think of GCW they likely think of Nick Gage, the ‘gang affiliated’ cult hero of American deathmatch wrestling.

Gage recently picked up his third GCW World Championship with a win over Jon Moxley, and GCW Owner Brett Lauderdale praised Nick Gage’s work effort behind the scenes during a recent appearance on the Business of the Business podcast:

“I think with Nick [Gage], there’s a lot of things that Nick is valuable in ways that are more than just being in the ring,” said Lauderdale. “He’s a locker room leader… he’s like a non-traditional coach in a lot of ways if that makes sense. He’s not the type of person that’s gonna give you — he’s not gonna be a producer in the sense that he’s gonna put together their matches from start to finish, but he will go and help you get prepared for your matches and he will fire you up and he will motivate you in ways that sometimes are even more valuable than the role of a producer and a lot of guys just love that about him, you know? He’s literally a difference maker in the locker room.

“Aside from that, he is the face of the company outside of even wrestling… He’s an ambassador in a lot of ways. As we’ve seen, he can go months without wrestling on a show but just being there is a big deal. He’ll cut the promo that opens the show and fires people up and then a lot of the times when we go off the air, he’ll come back out and close the night and thank everybody for coming which people love. Again, that’s one of those things that it’s really fun to watch him do that because you get to see a real genuine side of him when he does that. I’m referring to when we’re off the air but just to see how fans kind of eat it up and he interacts with them, knowing we’re outside of the show itself, it’s just cool to see and yeah, Nick has value beyond an active wrestler and financially, bottom line speaking, he will always be good at selling merchandise whether he’s wrestling or not. He’s like Hulk Hogan of the indies in that people are gonna be buying M.D.K. shirts from here to eternity as long as he’s around.”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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