Brie Garcia Thinks Bryan Danielson's Body Is Telling Him "It's Time To Hang Up The Boots"

Bryan Danielson's body is telling him to retire, says Brie Garcia

It is now common knowledge that 2023 will likely be the last ever “full-time” year for Bryan Danielson as a professional wrestler, with his schedule looking to wind down following his appearance in the AEW Continental Classic tournament over the next month. 

Ever since his return from an early retirement back in 2018, his schedule has been a full-time one, but in recent years he has suffered injury after injury, and following a promise made to his daughter, he will soon be a part-time wrestler in order to spend more time at home and to protect himself. 

Danielson’s wife, Brie Garcia, recently spoke to Marc Raimondi of ESPN and noted how she believes his husband’s body is telling him it is time to retire. 

"He's made of steel, I know it's crazy. It's just one of those things that is unfortunate for pro wrestlers. You know, our body ages, but mentally, we don't. I think his body is like 'I think it's time to hang up the boots.'"

She would go on to talk about how Danielson ignored his recent orbital bone injury until his nose started to go numb, shrugging it off at first before realising its serious nature.

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