Chris Jericho Reveals How The AEW Stadium Stampede Match Was Taped And Put Together

It took 12 hours to film...

At the Double Or Nothing pay-per-view, The Inner Circle and The Elite faced off in a Stadium Stampede match. The cinematic bout has been touted as one of the best matches of the year so far and was widely praised online for being wildly entertaining.  

Chris Jericho recently sat down for an interview with Brandon Davis on Talking Shop with and shared details on the match. He revealed it took 12 hours to film and they didn't finish wrestling until five am on Saturday morning. Le Champion also praised how the match was put together as all the competitors and Tony Khan came up with ideas for each other, which he described as "the true magic of wrestling." 

The Painmaker said: "We filmed a movie over the course of 12 hours… We filmed it overnight. It took about 12 hours to film and spent the next morning basically editing it all together. But when it was done it was one of the best things I've ever been involved with in 30 years."

"The challenge flag was Tony Khan's idea," Jericho later added. "I don't know a lot about football so I actually googled it, I didn't know what the hell he was talking about. But everyone put in their ideas, that was the real brilliance of it. You had this magical night with 10 very creative people with the same mindset of what wrestling in 2020 is, which is a combination of all styles of wrestling. 

"And everyone was coming up with ideas for themselves, coming up with ideas for each other, and that's the true magic of wrestling. Being as creative as you can with thinking of the other guy in mind. Like the spraying the line paint on me, that was my idea for Hangman… The best part was I came back to the hotel at six in the morning, I've got a football uniform with a big white line down my face down all the way to my crotch. I've got a dented up baseball bat, my hair's crazy, my eyes are red, and I walked right into a gaggle of pilots and stewardesses getting ready to go to the airport and I just walked by and I was like, 'It's been a rough night guys.'"

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