Chris Jericho: We Tell Detailed, Concise and Well-Written Stories In AEW

Like Walking Dead or Marvel

Chris Jericho has praised All Elite Wrestling's storytelling.

The former AEW World Champion is currently locked in an almost one-year storyline with MJF, a feud that recently involved The Painmaker having to fight through the Labours Of Jericho before he fell at the final hurdle against Friedman.

Before he reached MJF, though, Jericho had to face Nick Gage in a Deathmatch, amongst other challenges, and the 50-year-old explained on The Zaslow Show why facing the former GCW World Champion made sense from a storyline perspective.

"Anybody that knows anything about the way that I am and the stories that I tell, of course I would do (a deathmatch). It fit exactly what we were telling. A lot of people were like, 'You don't have to do that.' My response was, 'Of course I had to do it. It was what was best for the show and storyline,'" Jericho said.

"That's another thing we take great pride in AEW is that we tell concise and detailed and well-written stories with not a lot of plot holes. We don't take the intelligence of our fans for granted. We want to tell stories the way the Marvel Universe would or Walking Dead where you watch the show and you're rewarded for something that happened in episode one when you see it in episode ten," he continued.

"That's what our mindset is and one of the reasons why the deathmatch with Nick Gage was such a surprise but also such a huge success because it fit the story we were telling. It wasn't just a stunt or something for no reason. It really fit and showed a lot of depth in that story we were telling." 

If Jericho's feud with MJF will continue remains to be seen and The Demo God admitted recently that he has some "serious soul searching" to do following the loss. 

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